Diversified Contracting – What We Do

We are a general contractor, carpenter, and builder servicing the Greater Claremont, NH area. We specialize in home improvement and home addition projects. We are “Diversified Contracting Specialists” because we do a wide variety of work. Want to finish a basement? We do that. Want to install new windows in your home? We do that. Building a garage? Needing a deck and patio? Want to be more energy efficient and save money on heating costs? We can help you do that. Need to run new circuits in your home or upgrade electrical panels? We can do that too. We know how to build from scratch or add on to existing buildings. We work with wires and switches, wood and fasteners, concrete and insulation, or glass and shingles. There isn’t much we haven’t done or will not do. We have a great deal of experience and stay updated on new projects, ideas, techniques, and building practices.

Since 1996, Chris Thompson has worked in the building trades. He has been swinging a hammer and turning a screwdriver since he was a kid. He’s done everything from building a new garage, remodeling kitchens, and installing roofing to electrical design, solar panel installations, and managing construction projects. Chris Thompson, and those who work with him, understand the trades. When it comes to what we do, simply put, experience matters. We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ jobs where the same thing is repeated from one place to the next.
An Upright Job for a Fair Price – Why We Work

Ours is a business about people helping people, helping neighbors. We enjoy our work. We take pride in getting things done right the first time and in hearing a “thank-you” from a satisfied customer. This business is not a job we do, this business is our life.