We are a diversified contractor specializing in helping people in the area. Personalized attention is a distinguishing characteristic of CM Thompson. Chris Thompson, the principal owner, meets with each customer to discuss what they want to accomplish. He then takes the customer’s ideas, and helps them in designing the finished project. In many projects, Chris is able to share his understanding of building energy efficiency which helps the project to have costs savings. In the end, the goal is to provide customers what they want. The communication and understanding established with each customer is mutually beneficial.
At CM Thompson, we strive to understand how the client perceives the finished project and work to meet their expectations. Our success boils down to one key business fundamental, which is to provide a good service at a reasonable price. Our business success is measured by our customer satisfaction. Every employee focuses on building relationships with customers. That translates to good communication on what will be done, when, by whom, and for how much.
We are fully licensed and hold many certifications in the building trade. This means you can trust us to have solid designs and smart practices. You are protected while we work in your home or business.